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14 March 2012

Nordex SE


Efficiency at all sites: Nordex presenting at EWEA 2012 extensive range of addi-tional components for greater efficiency and yields

- Anti-icing system preventing the accumulation of ice on rotor blades
- 141-metre hybrid tower for added yields in non-coastal regions

Hamburg - Taking place in Copenhagen on 16 - 19 April 2012, EWEA 2012 will be providing the backdrop for the Nordex efficiency class. At stand C3-B30, Nordex SE will be showing visitors a broad range of measures and additional components aimed at boosting the efficiency and yields of the Gamma Generation turbines.

Thus, Nordex will be showcasing an innovative anti-icing system for the rotor blades of its N100/2500 and N117/2400 turbines tar-geted at the European and North American markets in particular. In sub-zero temperatures, the accumulation of ice on the surface of the rotor blade can lead to a loss of yields as the greater load causes imbalances in the rotor, shortening the life cycles of the components. What is more, the resultant change in dynamics compromises the efficiency of the turbine, which results in reduced yields caused by extensive down times. With the Nordex anti-icing system, operators are able to rely on secure yields from their wind turbines and maximum availability in low-temperature regions. The system has already been successfully implemented at a wind farm in Sweden, where energy yields have been increased by 25 percent in the months with severe icing conditions.

The anti-icing system comprises an ice sensor and heating ele-ments fitted to the front edge of each rotor blade. The sensor con-tinuously monitors ambient conditions and reports the status to the wind turbine’s operation management system. If this data indicates the presence of conditions liable to cause icing, the heating elements are automatically activated. Energy-efficient heating prevents ice from accumulating on the rotor blades. Integrated into the blade structure, this solution de-ices the rotor blades during operations free of any loss of yield. Even during down times, the system detects any icing, triggering the de-icing process and resuming operation.

A further highlight at Nordex’s fair stand will be the presentation of additions to the range of towers available for the N117/2400 on-shore turbine. Topographic obstacles in non-coastal locations may impair yields. The higher the hub height the better wind qualities and, hence, also annual yields become. Nordex is offering the N117/2400 on a 91-metre and 120-metre tubular steel tower as well as in Europe on a 141-metre hybrid tower. The additional annual yield from a hub height of 141 metres stands at 21 percent compared with a hub height of 91 metres.

Following the upgraded wind class suitability, Nordex offers the N90/2500 for strong wind regions (IEC-1) and the N100/2500 for regions with medium wind speeds (IEC-2). With a rotor diameter of around 117 metres, the N117/2400 is specially configured for light wind locations, making it the most efficient turbine for IEC-3 sites.

Nordex at EWEA 2012: Stand C3-B30

Hamburg, March 14, 2012

Publication and Reprint free of charge; please send a voucher copy to
Nordex SE.

Attention editorial offices: For further questions please contact Mr.
Felix Losada, Nordex SE.

Langenhorner Chaussee 600
22419 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: + 49 (0)40/300 30 1000
Fax: + 49 (0)40/300 30 1333


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